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Emerging Opportunities

Partners and friends,

While we were locked down this winter, we spent some time channeling our pent-up desire to adventure again by searching the globe for investment opportunities. Through screens, we found ourselves in a number of different locations around the world, meeting some extraordinary founders who are pursuing massive opportunities. Ultimately, two companies stood out to us and we are extremely happy to have participated in their most recent rounds of financing.

Plum is a group health insurance startup aiming to provide accessible and affordable health insurance to millions of Indians. Despite having the second-largest population in the world, India is also one of the countries with the lowest 
health insurance penetration, an issue that has come to a head during COVID and to which the Indian government has responded by mandating all employers offer health insurance to their employees. The need for a platform to help employers and insurers alike manage demand has become critical. Plum is delivering the solution.

Meyer Keith participated in Plum's $15m Series A, alongside Tiger Global and Sequoia Capital India’s Surge fund.

Chipper Cash is a P2P money transfer business serving over 3 million Africans. Chipper provides cross-border remittances, crypto and equity trading, merchant checkout services, and bill pay. The financial services opportunity in Africa is immense. While more than half of the world’s population growth will be in Africa by 2050, the continent remains the most expensive place in the world to send money. Over 1 billion Africans still struggle to access quality and affordable financial services. Chipper is delivering the solution.

Meyer Keith participated in Chipper's $100m Series C, alongside Silicon Valley Bank, Ribbit Capital, and Jeff Bezos.

To pushing boundaries and expanding horizons,

Alex and Charles


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