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Charles Meyer

Managing Partner

Charles is an investor and previous founder. He has been involved in the startup world since 2009, and applies a macro approach to investing while staying grounded in his attention to intellectual property and the importance of tradecraft in target companies. Having had strong mentors in his own life, Charles values the opportunity to actively help others. He helps portfolio companies grow.

He likes raising dogs and navigating vessels, and often combines the two to the dismay of other dog owners and harbor masters alike.

He is based in New York.

Columbia University


Alex Keith 

Managing Partner

Alex is an investor and a founder, having spent almost a decade building and running a supply chain management business that provided private label products for emerging e-commerce brands.


He enjoys learning how things are built and attempting to build them himself, to varying degrees of success.


In addition to co-leading Meyer Keith's private investments, he actively works with founders on their business development strategies.



He is based in Los Angeles.

Cornell University

Jeremy Stauffer


Jeremy assists the firm’s partners with operational support and portfolio administration.


He studied mechanical engineering, before entering the energy sector where he developed renewable energy projects. 


He is an avid kite surfer, and welcomes all “board meetings” that involve a beach. 


Matthew Putman

CEO, Nanotronics

Miles Beckett

Managing Partner, Mist Ventures

Steve Seigel

Managing Partner, Mist Ventures

Andres Blumer

Co-founder & COO, Mi Aguila

Douglas Feirstein
Founder, LiveOps, uSell, Hired, & Jeevz

Peyton Carr
Co-founder & Managing Director, Keystone Global Partners

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